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IPv6 Survey

More IPv6 probing

I’ve now created a CGI script so that people can check the status of domains that are not already on the survey page but be warned it’s not exactly fast to run so you should check the survey first. The script is
If you want the domain added to the survey then send me a note, including the organisation’s name as well as the domain name.

IPv6 access to the IPv6 survey

I’ve been surprised that there actually are people out there using IPv6 (or at least can reach an IPv6 only web site if they want to 🙂 At last count there were 17 unique IPv6 accesses (and 120 unique IPv4 accesses), one of which was from Telstra access space, to the IPv6 page.

Australian IPv6 Survey

With the Australian IPv6 Summit approaching I thought it might be interesting to investigate if there were Australian organisations that were accessible via IPv6. In particular I was looking for access to their web site, mail delivery and name servers.

If you have IPv6 access you might like to check the results at