Satellite Internet sux

Just had a great cruise down the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and Panama followed by a transit of the Panama Canal (including spending a night on Gatun lake and a visit to Barro Colorado island). Lots of photographs were taken but only one uploaded as the satellite based Internet service on the ship was unreliable and when it worked slow. While I couldn’t always see a mobile phone signal (and turned airplane mode on to save battery life) it would have probably been a whole lot better than satellite. I could understand why satellite would be problematic in Svalbard but Panama is a mystery.

Importing the iWeb blog into WordPress

Well it turned out to be a whole lot less painful than I expected as you can use iWeb’s RSS feed but you need to change the number of entries in the RSS feed to the maximum (50) otherwise you only get the small number of entries on the main page and none of the archive. Fortunately I had less than 50 posts so I could do it in one hit. Getting the photos embedded in the blog imported was less successful. Some made it but others have gone AWOL and as WordPress wants the images to be smaller than 2MB just dropping copies into the article isn’t just going to work, I’ll need to scale them down individually.

Testing WordPress as a blog

I didn’t like RapidWeaver’s default blog so in the search for something “better” I’ve discovered a plugin that uses WordPress. Dunno if this will actually be better but it seems more flexible. It’s probably going to be a hassle to migrate by old, infrequent, blogs to a new system irrespective of what software I use but ideally I’d just like to do it once 🙂

Changing from iWeb to RapidWeaver

I have no idea if Apple will continue to support iWeb but I suspect not so perhaps the migration to a new machine is the right time to change to some new web design software. Although I’ve got DreamWeaver that seems a lot of work so I’m trying out RapidWeaver. Like iWeb it has its irritations but hopefully less than iWeb.

Craigmore High School 30 year reunion


Thanks to the hard work of Graham & Di Sumner and Kim Scott in tracking down people and organising a 30th reunion of the Craigmore High School class of 1978 at the Somerset Hotel in Para Hills (where the matric dinner was held 30 years ago). It was great to see so many people turn up, including some teachers, most of whom I hadn’t seen since 1978.

It was fun trying to match people against the old school photos. I’ve managed to find mine and thanks to my old typewriter I actually have a list of who is in the photos! I’ll add them to a page containing a couple of photos from the event.