Craigmore High School 30 year reunion


Thanks to the hard work of Graham & Di Sumner and Kim Scott in tracking down people and organising a 30th reunion of the Craigmore High School class of 1978 at the Somerset Hotel in Para Hills (where the matric dinner was held 30 years ago). It was great to see so many people turn up, including some teachers, most of whom I hadn’t seen since 1978.

It was fun trying to match people against the old school photos. I’ve managed to find mine and thanks to my old typewriter I actually have a list of who is in the photos! I’ll add them to a page containing a couple of photos from the event.

Zimmerman House

Another Frank Lloyd Wright house to add to the visited list. The Zimmerman House is located in the north end of Manchester, New Hampshire. It is an Usonian house designed in 1950 for Dr. Isadore and Lucille Zimmerman.


DSC_4363As part of the Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts there is an installation by Félix Larreta called Spherescent on the Festival Plaza.

Northern Lights

As part of the Adelaide Festival they are lighting up the heritage buildings on North Terrace each night. They cycle through a number of patterns/designs on each building. The camera in my V3xx mobile phone did a reasonable job but I’ll be back on Thursday night with a real camera 🙂

WNBL Preliminary Final

DSC_4124The Adelaide Lightning got a second chance to get to the Grand Final of the WNBL next week and didn’t waste it. Fortunately for Adelaide Dandenong had a game to forget as they were finding hard to buy a basket. If it wasn’t for Michelle Brogan they wouldn’t have been in the contest.

WNBL Semi-final in Adelaide

DSC_3661Adelaide ended the season on top of the ladder and so they got to host the major semi-final against the Sydney Uni Flames. Adelaide never seemed to be in the hunt after half time and as the game progressed the shot selection got worse and Sydney punished them for it. getting into a 3pt shoot out didn’t help. Sydney get to host the grand final while Adelaide hosts Dandenong on March 1st to earn another shot at Sydney.

More photos from the game are available in the Sports photography section.

Web Site Update

DSC_1750Now that I have native IPv6 access to my server I have decided to stop trying to create a separate IPv6 version of my web site. This means the IPv6 page now contains the results of the survey.

The photograph was taken in January in Shinjuku, Tokyo.


DSC_2368The Chinese national men’s team was in town and they played a few games against the Adelaide Hotshots (Australian Hockey League). Grant Ward and I went down to the hockey centre to see their final game on Sunday. There was a small crowd in the grandstand. I don’t know if this is typical of a hockey crowd or that they had just had enough hockey for the week.

Techs in Paradise 2008

DSC_1703Techs in Paradise is the joint “Joint Techs” and “APAN” meeting held every couple of years in Hawaii. It’s a pity that it has to be Honolulu but that’s where the main campus of the University of Hawaii is located. Anyway it gives me the opportunity to take photographs of the sunset when I can escape the meetings & the bar 🙂

Mauna Kea again

DSC_1516Third visit to Mauna Kea and it seemed like it was going to mirror my first visit when we heard that the road to the summit was closed due to icy conditions. Fortunately subsequent messages were more promising and so we set off for lunch at “HP” and would evaluate the situation after lunch. By the time we arrived at the visitor centre conditions looked good and so we were on for tours of both Gemini North and Keck.

The guides at both Gemini North and Keck were excellent and the tours were quite comprehensive. At Keck we disappointed a tour group, who were only allowed in the visitors’ gallery, when we were escorted past them into the observatory. At both facilities we were allowed to check out the primary mirrors close up and Keck even moved the telescope around and allowed us (one at a time) into the mirror barn to have a look at the recently coated mirrors.