Rebuild the web site

A new server gives me an opportunity to play with the web site. I looked at some commercial iWeb templates but in the end modifying the one I was already using seemed the way forward.

Sunrise on Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour
Thanks to Mark Williams taking some very impressive photos of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge early one morning from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair I decided to go have a look during the week of the APAN meeting in Sydney. Glen Turner and I took a taxi over there before dawn and waited for the sun to rise. I am still amazed by the D3’s ability to take hand held photographs in next to zero light.


Towards the Stars
I returned from the beauty of Oman to the hotels and shops of Dubai. These guys don’t do things by half. A ski slope at Mall of the Emirates and the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. The problem with Burj Khalifa is getting far enough away from it to get it all into shot 🙂

It hadn’t been opened as yet when I was there so I was restricted to walking around it and gazing up rather than looking out from it (although I did fly past it on the helitour from Burj al Arab so I got some perspective).

I need to look for another chance to drop by Dubai and do the tour to the observation deck (and maybe even stay in the hotel).