WNBL Preliminary Final

DSC_4124The Adelaide Lightning got a second chance to get to the Grand Final of the WNBL next week and didn’t waste it. Fortunately for Adelaide Dandenong had a game to forget as they were finding hard to buy a basket. If it wasn’t for Michelle Brogan they wouldn’t have been in the contest.

WNBL Semi-final in Adelaide

DSC_3661Adelaide ended the season on top of the ladder and so they got to host the major semi-final against the Sydney Uni Flames. Adelaide never seemed to be in the hunt after half time and as the game progressed the shot selection got worse and Sydney punished them for it. getting into a 3pt shoot out didn’t help. Sydney get to host the grand final while Adelaide hosts Dandenong on March 1st to earn another shot at Sydney.

More photos from the game are available in the Sports photography section.


DSC_2368The Chinese national men’s team was in town and they played a few games against the Adelaide Hotshots (Australian Hockey League). Grant Ward and I went down to the hockey centre to see their final game on Sunday. There was a small crowd in the grandstand. I don’t know if this is typical of a hockey crowd or that they had just had enough hockey for the week.

Nikon D3

I’m now the proud owner of a Nikon D3 digital SLR and it is an awesome camera. My big problem now is dealing with the images. A 12 megapixel camera creates enormous RAW files and then you have to convert them into JPEGs so I have a storage and catalogue issue.

Lunar Eclipse

DSC_3951Fairly good view of the lunar eclipse tonight from the back veranda. Taken using my Nikon D70 and a 500mm Tamron mirror lens (3s exposure).

The new toy

IMG_0003I decided that I wasn’t taking enough photos because it was a pest to carry around an SLR all the time so I’ve bought a pocket hiding Canon IXUS 850 IS (yes a Canon not a Nikon). I’m not convinced that a LCD panel can really replace an optical viewfinder even though every P&S camera except the Canons are built that way. In this trip I’ve also got the Nikon D70 but the shots in Vancouver are all taken with the Canon.