Rebuild the web site

A new server gives me an opportunity to play with the web site. I looked at some commercial iWeb templates but in the end modifying the one I was already using seemed the way forward.

Web Site Update

DSC_1750Now that I have native IPv6 access to my server I have decided to stop trying to create a separate IPv6 version of my web site. This means the IPv6 page now contains the results of the survey.

The photograph was taken in January in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

More saga with the web site

I received a report that the Phonebook page wasn’t long enough to display all the entries when viewed using Internet Explorer. I was trying to use the “widget” feature in the new version of iWeb but it would seem that using it allowed the browser to select it’s own font to render the list and this combined with the javascript specifying the length of the widget resulted in the bottom part of the list going AWOL. Extending the length didn’t help overly, even after I was pointed at http://browsershots.org. Eventually I ditched the “widget” and added the contents to the web page but I’m not sure that has even fixed the problem with Explorer.

Some of the systems in browsershots also seem to cache pages which makes things difficult. I have been changing the image at the top of the page (now lavender) every time I change the page so I don’t get sucked into thinking the latest change didn’t do anything.

IPv6 accessible web site slightly different

If you access my web site via IPv6 rather than IPv4 you will get slightly different content.