Amman |

Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

My trip to Jordan began and ended in the capital, Amman. When I arrived I went out for a short walk around the hotel area in a bid to bet Mr Jetlag. For some reason I seem to have an affinity with city with hills as Amman is another one. I tried to avoid being "dragged" down a hill as that would mean needing to walk back up it. I had an interesting episode while trying to take a picture of a Mosque behind the Grand Hyatt. I had security chasing after me! It would appear that a suicide bomber had detonated a bomb there in 2005 and so they were ultra cautious when it came to people photographing the building. That explained the metal detectors at my hotel.
On my return to Amman (from Jerash) I got some time to wander around the Citadel before it closed. My detour to visit Ajloun meant that there wasn't any time to visit any of the other sights before they closed for the day (New Year's Eve).