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For many years I tried to attend at least one Formula One Grand Prix each year. That was fairly easy when the race was in Adelaide but once Melbourne stole it I had to travel a bit further afield. With the race weekends becoming increasingly identical, same support race, less access to interesting places to take photographs, as well as the increasing cost has meant I haven't gone to a race since 2001. It could be interesting to go to Shanghai or Abu Dhabi but I haven't been sufficiently motivated yet, maybe the return of Canada will suck me in again.

  • Australia - 1985-95
  • Austria - 1999
  • Belgium - 1997
  • Canada - 1989-90, 96, 2001
  • France - 1991
  • Germany - 1991
  • Great Britain - 1991, 95
  • Hungary - 1997 (only qualifying, it's a long unfortunate story :-(, 2000
  • Italy - 1998
  • Malaysia - 1999
  • Mexico - 1990
  • Monaco - 1990

I've also attended the CART race in Long Beach in 1998 and was lucky enough to be in Hong Kong at the right time to visit Macau for the Grand Prix in 1999 and see Jenson Button nearly snatch an amazing win. It was clear then that he had a future in Formula One.

I have a large number of rolls of film (slides) from these events that might eventually be scanned and appear on this site.