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Tallinn, Eesti

The weather continued to follow us so it was a rough crossing to Tallinn during the night and a cloudy day greeted us. Worse than that though was that when we reached the Song Festival grounds on the morning tour I discovered that the battery in my Nikon was dead. This meant that the morning would be spent lugging around all the Nikon gear but actually using the point and shoot Canon. At least I had a backup plan and the return to the ship for lunch would provide an opportunity to add some charge to the Nikon’s battery and go for a quick walk with it in the afternoon. At least that was the plan!
As they say “The best laid schemes of mice and men, Go often askew”. I managed to charge up the battery over lunch but shortly after returning to the centre of Tallinn the heavens opened and it just bucketed down. Rivers of water everywhere with water overflowing gutters. I didn’t think my camera got too wet but as I headed to the bus it called enough and refused to focus.