Stockholm |


More questions! This time did I want to stay on the ship as we entered Stockholm or did I want to take the Zodiac option? I decided on the former. I thought that it might be more interesting (and drier) sitting in the ship’s bridge watching the action as we negotiated the waterways into Stockholm harbour. The ship has an open bridge policy and so it’s possible to visit it while a pilot is on board and watch the captain in his “office”.
Visiting Stockholm naturally means a trip to the Vasa Museum. The Vasa is tough to photograph as it’s quite dark in the building and while the Vasa isn’t huge it is still tough to get far enough away from it to get interesting compositions.
Following the Vasa it was off to the City Hall to see where the Nobel Prize dinner is held and to visit the stunning Gyllene Salen (Golden Hall). I then skipped out of the tour to go for a walk around the harbour and had lunch on af Chapman, a sailing ship now used as a youth hostel.