Saint Martin |

The island of Saint Martin

Saint Martin is an island of two halves, the Dutch half (Sint Maarten) and the French half (Saint-Martin). I organised to take an afternoon tour that included both sides of the island but while out on shore in the morning I got an offer from Jason and Mel to join them in a rental car. It was an offer too good to refuse and so we spent the morning in a small (evil) Jeep doing a circumnavigation of the island. I met a photographer and she recommended going up Pic du Paradis. This turned out to a goat track of a road but the view was nice, only spoiled by the Telecom France facility fencing off a slab of the summit. We drove past the famous airport and although there wasn't an aeroplane landing it was easy to imagine that the beach would not be the place to be when it did happen!
The afternoon tour was a disaster. Only a couple of stops, one of which was a stop in Marigot (where Jason, Mel and I had lunch) where the driver of the bus decided to drive off without me. Fortunately he drove past me on the way out of Marigot and I managed to flag him down.