Rio de Janeiro |

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (Brazil)

I wished that I had left the cruise early as I really didn't have enough time in Rio. I stayed in Santa Teresa, which was somewhat bohemian, and it is on a hill and quite picturesque. The tram (bonde) is out of action due to a fatal crash in 2011 and so getting around meant either walking up and down the narrow streets or taking mini-buses (and taxis).
The hotel organised a walking tour for me and that was excellent. Walking down the hill to the Escadaria Selarón and then down to the Cathedral. My guide tried to find Jorge Selarón, the artist, but he wasn't available. Unfortunately he died two weeks later. After a walk around Centro we took one of the mini-buses back up the hill.
Being in Rio around Christmas meant that opening times were all over the stop so reception phoned ahead to ensure that I could get to Corcovado and visit Cristo Redentor. I had hoped to do a heli-tour too but that proved to be mission impossible.