Montevideo |

Montevideo, Uruguay

I arrived in Montevideo on New Year's Eve. This turned out to be a mistake as in Uruguay this means everything closes during the afternoon and doesn't reopen until late the next day. The hotel advised that eating in the hotel restaurant was not an option (booked out) and not many other restaurants were open. I discovered a supermarket that was still open and get some "supplies" before it closed. It seemed like New Year's fireworks is a local event as there were a lot of fireworks going off but no coordinated display.
The next day I was due to have a tour but no one showed (it was later claimed that they did turn up but they couldn't find me). As a consequence I borrowed one of the hotel's bicycles and went out for a ride instead. I took my little Canon S100 with me and it froze up the first time I tried to use it, iPhone camera to the rescue.