Mariehamn |

Mariehamn, Åland

Leaving Stockholm behind we set off for Åland. Unfortunately the storm that had caused so much trouble for the people flying out of New York had now caught up with them. Looking out my cabin window it didn’t look promising and sure enough it was deemed too rough to visit the pilot station of Kobba Klintar via Zodiac.
I was hoping that the weather might clear up once we reached Mariehamn but no such luck. After watching some people venture out (and come back drenched) I decided that I needed to set foot on Åland and went out in search of some lunch. Not much to see on the walk into town but I found some post cards, a restaurant to eat lunch and scribble on the cards and importantly a post office to post them. My timing was less than perfect, as I didn’t return to the ship in time to tour the four masted “Pommern”.