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2014 SANTOS Tour Down Under - Stage 6

The final stage of the 2014 SANTOS Tour Down Under on Australia Day (Saturday 26 January 2014) was held on a new Adelaide CDB circuit incorporating a lap around Rymill Park, a sprint up and down Flinders Street and a loop at the western end of Pirie Street. For most of the race there was a three man breakaway in front (sweeping up all the Sprint bonus points and seconds) with the rest of the peloton over a minute behind them. I stayed down the western end, initially on the corner of Wyatt and Flinders Streets before heading west to the Gawler Place/Flinders Street corner and finally heading to Pirie Street (between Gawler Place and Wyatt Streets).
Not much variety in images when you have the same three in front and a peloton "chasing" them but it provided an opportunity to vary the technique and play with the new camera. Choosing to use the flash or not meant reducing the number of shots taken on a pass as the flash recharged versus getting less shadow on the rider's face. Using Back Button Autofocus was also another interesting exercise. I'm not sure that it's a huge benefit when photographing fast moving cycling as there isn't much chance to move the focus point anyway but it does seem worth persisting with to trial in other scenarios.