Miscellaneous Photography


Miscellaneous Photography

Collections that don't readily fit into the classifications of Sports or Travel photography.


2014 VIVID Sydney

I was in Sydney for the HeadOn Photography Festival to see Robyn Taylor's "Deflowered" exhibition and as luck would have it Chris Rainier was also in Sydney for the festival. Chris and I had dinner with the HeadOn organisers and then headed down to Circular Quay to look at the VIVID lights from near the MCA. The next night I headed back to Martin Place after Robyn's opening night and continued down to the Opera House.
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AusNOG 2013

AusNOG 2013 was held at the Swissôtel, Sydney, between 5 and 6 September 2013.
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AusNOG-04 (2010)

AusNOG-04 (2010) was held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney, between 16 and 17 September 2010.
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SC09, Portland, Oregon

I got an opportunity to go to SC09 in Portland. I had never had the chance to go to a SC (SuperComputing Conference) before but had been curious as to what it was like. As I was working for a vendor I mostly got trapped in the exhibition part, so no chance to hear Al Gore's keynote.
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GLIF Meeting, Daejeon, Korea

The GLIF held a meeting in Korea, hosted by KISTI.
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30th reunion of the Craigmore High School class of 1978

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Northern Lights

As part of the Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts the cultural buildings along North Terrace are illuminated at night. On Thursday, 13 March 2008, some friends and I went for a stroll, firstly while it was still light and then after dinner.
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Spherescent by Félix Larreta at the Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts 2008, http://www.spherescent.com
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Garden Birds

Some of the birds that frequent my garden.
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RAAF Air Show

The 2007 Defense Air Show at RAAF Edinburgh. It was a two day event and we attended on the second day (Sunday 28 October). The weather was very windy!
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Frank Lloyd Wright in Buffalo, New York

A visit to Buffalo (New York) with Paul Love and Hollie Bowen allowed us to visit some more Frank Lloyd Wright sites, The Blue Sky Mausoleum, Darwin D. Martin House and Graycliff.
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Joint Techs at Fermilab

The Summer 2007 Joint Techs conference was held at Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois. Fermilab is home to the Tevatron, a proton/anti-proton collider. Also Fermilab have been trying to reconstruct a large acreage of native American grassland, or praire, since 1974.
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Photos taken when the original HNL-B Cisco 7206 was replaced by a Juniper M120
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The Shinkansen is Japan's high speed train system. I travelled on the Nozomi service between Osaka and Hiroshima (using both the 500 and 700 series train sets).
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AARNet3 POP SIN-A Update 2

Update in July 2007
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AARNet3 POP SIN-A Update

Update in June 2006
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Removal of the Procket from the AARNet SYD-A POP

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