Back in the deep, distant past I used to manage an X.500 directory system. At that time there was no single system that people used for email/phone directories, examples included X.500, gopher, WAIS and PH. In order to answer the common question of:

How can I find someone's email address at this remote site?

I thought it would be a good idea to link all the systems I knew about via a single web page to make it easier to find. Commercial companies are shy about making their phone books available but the University sector is usually pretty open.
This service is not meant to be as exhaustive as the search engine PeopleSearch but it is designed to lead you directly to each organisations directory service.
If you have a directory service and it isn't listed (and is in Australia), or have a correction for a listed service, then email me the URL and I will update the list.
Last Updated: 27 August 2007