Salt Pan Junction to Boat Deck Cafe (Mawson Lakes)

via Dry Creek Trail

It may seem a long way out your way to continue up Tapa Martinthi Yala in order to reach Mawson Lakes but it's not much of a penalty and there are no roads involved.
Total distance 9.70km.
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Tapa Martinthi Yala

Just follow the Tapa Martinthi Yala until the Dry Creek Trail turn off. Unfortunately vandals have broken and then stolen the sign but it's the second sealed path after crossing the bridge over Dry Creek.
Tapa Martinthi Yala towards Salisbury

Tapa Martinthi Yala towards Salisbury

Dry Creek Trail

Dry Creek Trail


Dry Creek Trail

Starts as a service road and at a gate runs along the embankment protecting the road from flooding.
It has stupid U bar chicanes as it approaches and again after it leave the culvert under Port Wakefield Road. There is enough room to pass on the right of the ones on the western side and you can slalom the ones on the eastern side. There is also a gate on the eastern side but it should be locked open.
The trail continues to a culvert under Salisbury Highway. There are no stupid barriers here but there may be a small amount of water in the culvert.
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Riverside Park

It is possible to ride on either side of the creek. The path on the northern side (as indicated) is more worn and perhaps it's better to cross the creek after exiting the culvert. Both paths have options to go under Elder Drive.
At the new shared path bridge turn left and exit onto Ridley Street. To the right is a pedestrian crossing of Augustine Street leading to a ramp up to Elder Smith Road. The footpath across the bridge is a shared path so no need to use the road. Just beware of people emerging from the station lift foyers.
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Metro Parade

Two options on the other side of the bridge. Continue down to Central Link or take the ramp down to Metro Parade. The ramp doesn't have a straight ramp onto the street so you need to turn left and exit via the entrance to the car park. Continue along Metro Parade and go straight across onto Dry Creek Trail again.
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Dry Creek Trail

Continue on the trail. Cross The Strand (the ramps are particularly evil here), turn left and exit onto Mawson Lakes Blvd. Pass through the roundabout and the cafe is on the left.
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